Student Finance Management Software

Whether your students pay tuition, receive financial aid, or both - TopSchool has the systems to manage it for you.  TopSchool has created a student finance management system that will help keep both your students and your financial aid advisors up to date on all financial activities and progress. Our approach means less paperwork and more time for students.

Our student finance management system simplifies the financial aid process for both you and your students.  We provide:

  • A flexible tuition billing engine to customize courses and program charges
  • The packaging to show students what they owe
  • The financial aid management software to track multiple lenders and show packaged aid
  • The full student ledger card
  • The connectors with financial aid processing software and general ledger software

We also help colleges and universities to more efficiently generate students' 1098T forms.  Through TopSchool's finance module, schools can quickly and easily batch process the forms and mail them to students, as well as upload the electronic files to the government. Colleges can run a batch of 1098T forms for large groups of students or use the search feature to select a specific student or a set of students for a smaller batch.  Additionally, the functionality allows schools to more efficiently create forms for students across multiple campuses.

Finally, TopSchool's student finance management system offers self-service options for students to view their financial account and pay their bills online.  This helps students take greater ownership of their education by more effectively managing the timing and amounts due.  Quick and easy access to this information helps students so that they are less likely to miss a tuition or financial aid payment that might affect their student status.