Student Registration System

For any combination of term structures and delivery modes, TopSchool's student registration system and enrollment software provide a simple set-up of programs, courses, terms, and even non-terms for student enrollment. This flexible approach enables colleges and universities to better manage a growing number of enrollments, and it eases the process for both you and your students.

Use TopSchool's student registration system to easily create online registration for courses and programs, and then offer it to your students through a portal. The portal serves as a gateway to better engage your students during the registration process.  In addition to registering for courses, it allows them to automatically submit all required documentation, view status and pay fees.

Additionally, use our Degree Audit functionality to help each student design a path through your programs and courses. Students can access the system help them sort through the various disciplines and offerings. They can learn more about each course, as well as when courses are offered and at what point in the educational process they should take particular courses in order to maximize their education through program completion.

Finally, track your student count numbers for each term start with reports from our student enrollment software. You can customize the reports by a variety of topics, all students, students enrolled in specific programs and more. This will help you more appropriately plan for course and program offerings based on current and future student demand.

It is important that you provide your students with the tools and resources to easily navigate the registration process.  Our student registration system and enrollment software deliver the simplicity and convenience that both you and your students want.