To help you achieve your recruiting goals, TopSchool can help you manage college student prospects from lead generation through enrollment. TopSchool's college admissions management software will empower you to generate interest in your programs, connect with prospective students, and make it easy for prospects to apply and enroll at your institution. The TopSchool Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offers you the freedom to manage your university admissions office as you wish - and ultimately increase the recruiting success of your admissions team.

College Admissions Management Software

TopSchool CRM helps your admissions management process with best-of-breed functionality:

Integration with Lead Providers

Most leads for prospective students come from the Internet, or from targeted media campaigns, so that contact information is received electronically. To ensure that those leads hit your admissions team as soon as possible, TopSchool integrates with leading providers such as Datamark and Plattform Learning. The TopSchool solution eliminates the need to re-enter this information into your student system. When a prospect inputs their information on a landing page or is aggregated by your provider, the data can be routed automatically by our admissions management software to an admissions representative, based on your own rules.

Contact Management

When a prospect shows interest in your institution, the Contact Management function within our CRM system allows you to reciprocate in a way that feels relevant to them. Deploying the latest communication tools, TopSchool empowers your admissions team to intuitively manage communications with every prospect.

With TopSchool Contact Management, you can also:

  • Collect information you want by creating custom fields.
  • Track communications in an activity log that shows all phone calls, emails, meetings, and more.
  • Deliver targeted communications based on your prospect's preferences.
  • Create tasks and reminders regarding calls, meeting invitations, or multi-user scheduling.
  • Weed out duplicate records to ensure a clean prospect database.

Admissions Process

We understand that there is no "best" admission management process. Most likely, you have developed your process over time and found what works for your college or university. The TopSchool CRM allows you to configure your process within our admissions management system, whether your admissions process includes four steps or fourteen. Name each stage according to your institution's process. Our admissions management software is designed to handle your complexities and even simplify the tracking of your prospects.

Director of Admissions Console

Directors of Admissions can use the prospect queue to quickly and easily gain insight around campaigns, the prospect funnel, rep performance and overall department success so they can better allocate resources and make decisions that will drive stronger enrollment results.

Email Marketing

With TopSchool Email Marketing, you can:

  • Create templates to deliver a consistent message to all prospects.
  • Target prospects based on geography, segment, or program of interest.
  • Manage and track campaign results.
  • Manage opt-outs and "do not call" lists.
  • Document the emails in a prospective student's activity log.

Self Service for Prospective Students

Prospective students expect to manage their own experience with your institution. TopSchool provides this capability through our Prospect Portal, which can be as unique as you are.

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Know exactly how many students are going to start at key intervals before each term with TopSchool's CRM. Track the effectiveness of each admissions representative. These reports, and more, are standard in the TopSchool admisssions management system - and you can also create your custom reports on demand.

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