Academic Management System

Let's face it - once your students are enrolled in programs, you want to keep them engaged through graduation.  Student retention is a key driver in both your academic mission and your bottom line.

The TopSchool academic management system provides all the tools to track students as they move towards program completion and graduation. Our academic management system gives your faculty members, registrar, academic advisors and student services teams the ability to stay on top of students' progress and assess any potential risk factors so you can make sure students receive the support they need to succeed.

Use our academic management software to view each student at a glance, including the courses a student is taking, attendance and grades, and evaluate that student's status and academic record against an established degree map. Additionally, through tight LMS integrations, our academic management software allows you to analyze status updates on where each student is in an online course, how far to course completion, and final grades when the course is complete.

Each of these inputs also tie into strong functionality around Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Through SAP Student Performance Monitoring institutions can better understand and predict student outcomes, stay compliant with the new program integrity rules, speed up financial aid eligibility, review academic policies to determine enrollment eligibility, and evaluate student progress in real-time. SAP module also connects with the Financial Aid module to ensure that students only receive the aid determined by their status.

Quick and easy access to a student's academic information will help you to determine when and to what extent outreach is necessary to keep that student fully engaged.  At TopSchool, our academic management system makes it possible to easily track and report on a student's course and program information, as well as interact with that student for a more personalized experience. This approach supports your efforts to make sure that a student who is likely to succeed actually does.